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WordPress voor zoekmachines optimaliseren SEO STRATO.
Met de volgende WordPress SEO tips optimaliseer je je website voor zoekmachines.: Stel permalinks in. Installeer de Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. Maak je website responsive. Verbeter de snelheid van je website. Denk aan interne en externe links. Creëer goede content.
The Must-Have WordPress SEO Plugins For 2021.
Get Started with The SEO Framework. SEOPress is another simple yet powerful SEO plugin that you can install instead of Yoast. It comes with pretty much the same features as Yoast SEO including the ability to add meta titles, descriptions, open graph support, image and content XML sitemaps, and more.
Yoast SEO: An Easy to Follow Setup Guide Elegant Themes Blog. Expand Menu. Collapse Menu. About Divi. Live Builder Demo. Layouts Library. Plans Pricing. Divi Marketplace. Divi Hosting. Divi Facebook Group. Divi Meetups. Expand Menu. Collapse Menu. Divi Th
Adhere to the guidelines we explained above, but feel free to non-index those taxonomies you dont want to include in your archives. When it comes to Archives, a lot of WordPress sites are choosing to ditch date-based archives in favor of just indexing authors. It keeps your archives neater, and most users appear to prefer either keyword based searches, or use categories to find the content theyre looking for. If you feel the same way, disable the Date archives indexing option on this tab and leave authors enabled.: The last tab in this section, Others, includes three settings that dont fit in elsewhere. Subpages of archives: This governs whether pages two and onwards of your archives appear in search engine results, and is enabled by default we recommend leaving it there. Use the meta keywords tag: A legacy option thats not worth enabling, in the words of the Yoast SEO developers themselves. Force noodp meta robots tag sitewide: This setting is enabled by default when you set a custom description for any page or post it prevents search engines from showing the wrong descriptions, but you dont need to turn it on.
Wat de Yoast SEO plugin handig maakt WordPress Handleiding.
De Yoast SEO plugin promoten als musthave voor WordPress trapt inderdaad een grote open deur in, maar oplettende lezers zien er niet meer dan handig achter staan. De focus op handig en verder lezen dus. Standaard de Yoast SEO plugin downloaden.
YOAST SEO: Guide Tuto vidéo du plugin SEO WordPress.
26 mn de lecture. Yoast SEO est LE plugin incontournable de référencement pour WordPress. Suivez notre guide complet et notre tuto vidéo pour apprendre à bien lutiliser et correctement le configurer! Ce plugin WordPress SEO est clairement lun des tous meilleurs de sa catégorie. Bien quil soit complet et quil vous aide à optimiser WordPress, il ne fera pas tout le boulot et sa seule utilisation ne vous garantira jamais les premières positions.; Cet article est la traduction librement adaptée de celui écrit par Yoast et le tutoriel complet de son plugin gratuit WordPress SEO. Rafraîchit et mis à jour, il reste lun des articles de référence pour lutilisation de ce plugin SEO. Guide ultime du plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. Tuto vidéo Yoast SEO. WordPress SEO: Les Bases. Structure des Permaliens. WWW versus Non-WWW. Les Stop Words. Optimisez vos Titres pour le SEO. Maîtrisez vos Titres avec le plugin WordPress SEO Yoast. Optimisez vos Articles avec Yoast SEO. Optimisez vos Descriptions. Optimisation des images. Sitemaps XML Yoast SEO. Optimisation des Modèles. Fil dAriane Breadcrumbs. Améliorez la Vitesse. Revoyez vos Barres Latérales. WordPress, SEO et Contenu Dupliqué. Archives en Noindex, Follow?
Founders of Yoast SEO take a stake in Amsterdam-based blockchain startup WordProof EU-Startups.
Yoasts founder Joost de Valk, CEO Marieke van de Rakt and team bring over 10 million users, expertise and a large network to WordProof, who aim to make the internet safer using blockchain technology. Founded in 2019, WordProof is on a mission to restore trust in the internet, fight fraud and battle fake news, with their Timestamp Ecosystem. This technology, which supports multiple blockchains, enables consumers and search engines to verify the source of content. Currently, WordProof offers a user-friendly WordPress-plugin with access the Timestamp Ecosystem to around one-third of all websites. It is also possible to timestamp documents with a standalone tool. Yoast, founded in 2016, maintains the Yoast SEO plugin. Active on more than 10 million websites, this plugin is a staple of many WordPress sites and one of the top 3 most popular WordPress plugins. So far, the startup has grown a team of 100 employees, with around 90 staff based in Wijchen, the Netherlands.
Easy Tutorial Videos for the Yoast SEO Plugin by WP101. Email. Facebook. Twitter.
07 Yoast SEO Titles Metas Settings. How to configure the titles and meta description settings within the Yoast SEO plugin to control how the titles and meta descriptions for your posts and pages are generated. 08 Yoast SEO Social Settings.
Hoe gebruik je Yoast SEO? Een handleiding Optimus Online.
De Yoast SEO plugin is sinds 2010 dé plugin voor SEO binnen WordPress. Ook voor andere CMS-platformen is Yoast SEO tegenwoordig beschikbaar. Veel gebruikers worstelen met het verkeerslicht en de kleuren van de bolletjes. In dit artikel lees je hoe jij deze plugin optimaal inzet. Je ontdekt welke onderdelen handig zijn en aan welke onderdelen je minder belang mag hechten voor je zoekmachine-optimalisatie. Zie het als een korte handleiding van een ervaren gebruiker.

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